It offers services of all types

M&M Barberà
M&M Barberà
M&M Barberà
    Mounting Parts
  • Installation Manual
  • Semi Automatic Installation (with pneumatic machinery)
  • Automatic Installation (with pneumatic machinery)
    Manipulating pieces
  • We handle all types of material making the embedded end
    1. Electromechanical
    2. Cosmetics
    3. Bagging
    4. Verification and selection of all sorts of pieces
    5. Welded
    Shrink materials
  • We have a specialized machine
  • CD’s Shrink
  • Books Shrink
  • Magazines Shrink
  • Among others
Own transport
M&M Barberà
M&M Barberà
Displacement of our staff to the client’s company to perform any work, previously specified

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